Meeting the You from the past. Oh, how change transforms us…

ImageHave you ever had the experiment of going through your Facebook photos and seeing how much you’ve changed, how you’ve evolved over the years? It’s truly an astonishing experience. It’s slightly narcissistic in its nature, but if you let, it can be the most life-changing picture slideshow you’ll ever witness.

I’m currently 24 and I created my FB account over 5 years ago. 5 years of cyber sharing, transformed into a collage of memories, situations, environments and people I met along the way. I was shocked to find my current self so different to the naïve little girl who posted her first picture (of what seems) so long ago. The differences between the past and the present ME are a reflection of life, imprinted in my physical appearance. ImageMy carefree smile and hopeful eyes both scream – I’m young, I’m free and I am walking towards my future with my head held up high!

What a bitter-sweet memory it is, looking at this fragile girl staring back at me from the screen. As if she’s playfully teasing me, asking where did that road she’s so eagerly walking on take her, who did she become?

And oh, what a long road it has been. Full of love and loss, excitement and fear, pride and guilt. I struggle in my constant attempts to achieve personal greatness, I rise and I fall, only to come out of the fire stronger than ever. I am grateful for my stubbornness, for my growing desire to peek outside the box, for my unwillingness to agree to the status quo and for all the life-changing and terrifying situations I’ve deliberately put myself into. For all of that I am grateful, because they have defined me as the person that stands before you today.

Take a look in the mirror and you will find every experience engraved within you, in that little wrinkle around your mouth, in the shining dot within your eyes, in that tiny, almost unrecognizable scar above your cheek. You are both the artist and the canvas. Never stop drawing, never stop evolving. And in the back of your mind, don’t ever forget that hopeful young being that keeps asking you – where is this road leading me? One day, you may be able to answer and smile.


Teddy T


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