On crossroads and the beauty of crazy people

Some people are addicted to the tranquility brought by certainty. It calms them to know. Just to know. They are pleased with the expectedness of life and terrified if the natural order of their daily routines is in some way disrupted. I’m sometimes jealous of such people, because they have it easy.

They are content with what surrounds them and wouldn’t even think about changing the status quo. Their happiness is found in the predictability of the mundane. The worst fear for them would be to be put on a crossroad. The endless possibilities hidden in the uncertainty of one’s reality. This is what excites me. I am addicted to the butterflies in my stomach every time I need to make an important decision. I take time to play out in my head each scenario, each potential outcome. The impossibility of knowing which way to go is my sweet torment. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Because it is on those crossroads where dreams are born. Wild, unthinkable dreams which, ironically, you’ve already planned out step by step in your head. They seem so far away yet so close and touchable. I constantly find myself on crossroads, a feeling so mesmerizing and full of anticipation, that I wouldn’t want it to end. I’ve ditched the stability of a corporate job to chase down dreams of entrepreneurship and innovation. I might be nobody, but in my head I’ve already made it. Once I made the initial jump down, while I am still falling with no ground beneath my feet is when I feel my whole being revitalize. And I can’t help but smile at the irony of my own craziness. Because when I tell my friends I’ve turned a new leaf and decided to start my own company that’s the word I keep hearing the most: ‘crazy’. I will not expect success to magically fall on my lap. I will not back down and admit defeat unless I know I’ve done everything in my power to not surrender. So yes, in that sense I am crazy. Crazy for not wanting tranquility in my daily life. Crazy for leaving a stable job, a stable salary and a stable environment. And crazy for saying:

‘Screw what’s expected of me, I choose to carve my own path!’

That is all there is to breaking the chain of the mundane. Admitting to others and to yourself that you just might be a little kuku, and that’s OK. I’ve found a mentor, a role model that made me want to take the first step. I am grateful that I see a future of endless possibilities I can’t wait to explore.  And the best thing is that along the way, I’ve met other crazies, each with a spark in the eye, each with a dream in their pocket.

So dear friends, don’t be afraid to take the leap, don’t hide in your comfort zone. My humblest opinion is that life starts happening once you step out of your box and embrace the unknown. And if you feel like you need that little extra push, I leave you with the words of the great Frederick Douglas:


Teddy T


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