Hello and welcome to my personal blog. I first want to start by declaring with a hand on my heart – I’m new at this! So it might not be the most organized, useful to you, or beautiful blog you’ll see out there, but it is a reflection of me and my thoughts on many different things, mostly revolving around Marketing as an academic and practical topic of discussion.

To give you a bit of a background on me, I’m a native Bulgarian, 25, and have had the privilege to grow up in a very international environment, graduating my Bachelors from an American university and my Masters in Strategic Marketing in Durham University in the United Kingdom. After acting as a Marketing Consultant for Green&Black’s, an organic chocolate brand portfolio under the umbrella of former FMCG giant Kraft Foods in London, I decided to come home and continue my work by founding my own Marketing Consultancy, where I get to work with amazing clients from various industries every day!

I consider myself a global citizen and avid world traveler, with friends from more than 50 countries around the world. I enjoy being active in the community I live in and I’m likely to stick my nose in any extra curricular activity I find meaningful and interesting. Stick around to find out more 🙂


Teddy T


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