1. Belgravia Brand Pitch Presentation

This is a Brand Pitch Presentation for the mock-up launch of a new luxury hosiery player on the UK market. Me and my team have designed, executed and presented the Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign and strategy, backed up by market data and academic frameworks to justify the potential success of the brand.

recyke y bike 2

2.Recyke’Y’Bike company rebranding strategy pitch

I conducted a market research and corporate strategy project for a social enterprise based in Newcastle, UK. The gathered qualitative and quantitative information on the target market has enabled the company to get a clearer perception on the profile of their core clients. The following suggestions for a re-branding strategy based on the demographic and psychographic profile of the client, have been coordinated with the company, which now has undertaken the necessary changes to achieve their annual target with this new strategy at hand.


3. Curvezz

Our company assisted in the creation of new promotional methods for this Dutch Plus Size Fashion Brand. We developed their online presence on social media, including a tailored Facebook game and reward system for their most loyal followers. In addition to that, our team created the complete Marketing strategy and assisted in the development of the sales strategy of a new brand under the brand hat, Kiss My Curvezz, which targets a younger audience and displays more casual wear.

first estates

4. First Estates – brand building and brand management

A new luxury real-estate company on the local market, First Estates entrusted us with building their Marketing strategy and executing the yearly marketing plan through campaigns in different channels. We built all online brand channels and assisted in building a brand and corporate identity. After only 6 months on the market, First Estates was able to build credibility and rapidly expand their network of partners.


5. PRAKTRIK – Brand re-launch and Strategy development

This unique puzzle furniture company turned to us to assist them in the re-launch of their brand. In cooperation with our partner TriplePro, we invested our time in the development of a completely new target market, marketing strategy and company re-positioning. All of this as part of our investment plan to introduce their products to international markets through an upgrated sales strategy and using our network of partners.


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