Losing weight on national television – the journey

I am not sure how to begin my story, so let’s go to the very beginning. Back in August, I was moving out of a place, because me and my boyfriend got our own apartment. As I was packing, I had the TV on in the background. And that’s when I saw the commercial: “Do you want to change your life, do you feel like you are not realising your full potential?…” I didn’t make much of it, but I snapped a pic of the show and the e-mail for submissions.

The beginning:

The studio!

Two days later, here I was, taking “before” pictures and writing my motivation letter. An emotional ordeal in itself, as I poured my soul into it. All the setbacks, all the injuries, the depression and the excuses I made for myself over the last 4 years… all in 1 sheet of paper. But I was determined. I had already lost 10 kg over the past year or so, I had 20 more to go to get back to my normal self. I soon found myself invited to the official casting, where the team got to meet me, we shot a couple of scenes and that was my first exposure to the whole business and what was to come. At that point I was just one of the many who applied, no idea that I would eventually get selected.

The journey:

But sure enough, a week later I got the call and the adventure began. Looking back at it, I am so incredibly grateful to the team for all the opportunities they gave me, but I am also proud of myself for having the courage to take them. This is what Zdraveto Otblizo on BNT is all about – giving you the necessary tools to change your life, what you do with them us entirely up to you. That was the push I needed. The incredible support system the team provided me, paired with the healthy fear of disappointing not only the people close to me but an entire nation watching at home, was my recipe for success.

Make no mistake – none of it was easy, none of it was handed to me on a silver platter. I had to shed sweat, blood and tears to get to where I am today. But most importantly, I had to be ready for the journey. I have been preparing myself for over a year. I had stopped smoking almost 6 months ago, I had already changed many of my consumption habits. It was time to level up!

What followed next was weeks of hard workouts with a personal trainer, as well as group workouts emphasising on cardio. I was introduced to cross-fit trainings and using your own body weight to shape and tone yourself. I was always sore, my muscles burning from the tension.  However, during the 3d week I started feeling stronger, faster…better! My knee, which had sustained a very serious injury in the past, was feeling stable. Nothing could stop me! All this was combined with a custom-tailored daily meal plan, meant to help my weight-loss process.

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Perhaps the most helpful part of the program was the access to a psychologist, who helped me work on some of the deep-rooted issues, the hidden reasons for my initial weight gain of 30+ kg. I feel so much more self-aware today, then I was 3 months ago and that is what truly makes me stronger than ever before.

And that is not even all! I was able to get out of my comfort zone, to try out new things, like free-fall flying in an aerodome, like carting races with the team, like alternative mind and body therapies. And the people…I met so many, so different and so amazing individuals along the way. The memories we made together, this is what was truly beautiful about this whole experience.

What’s to come:

I am finally myself again – confident, full of life, full of hope for change. I can’t believe that I let myself get lost for such a long time. Thanks to the show I now know what my purpose for 2015 is: I want to help others feel as good about themselves as I do right now. I want to help teenagers in my country understand that they are beautiful, amazing individuals, just the way they are! I was bullied a lot while growing up, I never quite fit in anywhere, because I was a bit different, the way I perceived my surroundings was different. At the time I didn’t know that was OK. It took me 10 years of self-discovery to realise that each person is beautiful just the way they are!

Me :)

This is my new mission. I have an incredible team behind my back, we have conceptualised the idea and are on our way towards founding and NGO that will travel the country, going to schools and talking to young minds about body image and promote anti-bullying. We are confident that we can grow this idea into a community with the help of our friends and supporters. BNT gave me the strength to dream again, and this wild dream of mine, I am yet to make into a reality! Wish me luck 🙂




It’s not a race, it’s a journey!

Fairly recently, I reached my lowest point in terms of self-image. I weighted a lot of pounds, I kept seeking comfort foods to lighten my daily mood, and worst of all, my laziness was at an all-time high! I don’t’ know if you’ve ever experienced the dread of waking up, looking at yourself in the mirror and not recognizing the person looking back at you. I started searching for diets that promise quick results, pills to help me in my efforts of weight loss, I even read blogs full of advises from exercise gurus… still nothing. It’s a process, an internal struggle that I believe every overweight person (and yes, I am not ashamed to call myself overweight) goes through. I lacked the motivation, and dare I say it, the discipline to stop complaining and do something about it!

Now, there wasn’t an event that miraculously changed my way of thinking overnight, I’ve been building up to this decision for more than two years. I decided that I miss the old me and that only I can bring her back. So my journey began. Almost a month in my new ‘lifestyle’, I feel happier than I’ve been in a long time because I transformed my mind and now my body is slowly starting to catch up. I won’t claim that the following advises will work for you and your weight-loss journey. I’m merely sharing my own rules for a successful transformation, that I believe are helping me achieve a better, healthier me.

diet no1. Diet is a dirty word – In my vocabulary the word ‘diet’ is a big NO NO! This word tricks my brain into thinking that if I can do, for example, 14 days of eating this and that, then I will look and feel amazing, guaranteed! I precondition myself with false expectations that need to be achieved in a limited time frame, which if my body doesn’t manage for some reason, naturally I feel depressed and turn to eating again.  That’s why I threw the word ‘diet’ out the window and I insist on referring to it as a lifestyle choice. It is my choice to transform my life through this process of healthier eating and regular exercise. To stop myself from thinking in time frames, I also keep repeating my mantra: ‘It’s not a race, it’s a journey’!

Open your mind logo2. Shed your mind from the weight, your body will follow – Forget about looking in the mirror every day, pinching little pockets of fat and sighing at the look of your body. This will only weigh on your mind, making you feel like you’ve failed even before you’ve started! Shed yourself from all preconceived notions of the human body. I stopped reading glossy magazines. The women in there for me are simply not realistic representations of the female body. Not to mention most of them are being photo-shopped beyond recognition. It isn’t fair to you to keep comparing yourself with such images. Free your mind of societal body expectations and focus on a realistic goal that you know would make you feel happy in your own skin.

thumbs up3. Find your role-model – I know most good dietitians will tell you that the right reasons for losing weight are if you do it for yourself and nobody else. In a sense, they are very right. You have to acknowledge that you have chosen to do this transformation for your health and yourself only. However, what I’ve noticed keeps me motivated is the fear of letting down not only myself but my loved ones. I have a beautiful and supportive partner in life, whom I always keep in mind while exercising. I want to be the healthiest me I can be not only for myself, but for the both of us. Draw your inspiration from others around you and you will find that you might not be alone in your journey.

scale no4. Bury the scale, clothes are your best friend – This one you’ve probably heard time and time again. Don’t weigh yourself every day! Miracles don’t happen overnight (as much as we wish them to) and your body will not transform with the click of a button. Of course shedding pounds is important for your health and agility, but it shouldn’t be the main way to measure your success. That’s why I like trying on clothes. I have one piece of clothing that I’ve chosen for comparison. I try it once a week and see how it feels on my body. You will be amazed at the confidence boost you will get each week, seeing how different you look in the same outfit!

kick in the butt5. Kick yourself in the butt! – The last advice comes down to purely pushing your mind and body into trying out different things. Always wanted to go to a spinning class? Nothing is stopping you, except YOU! Each day after I wake up I have to kick myself in the butt and give myself the internal motivation to continue with my weight-loss journey. You will soon start to draw incredible joy from trying new things, I know I do!

There’s one more thing I’d like to remind myself of once in a while – I can be my best friend or my worst enemy. The choice is entirely mine and I’ve chosen to continuously work towards a healthier, happier and better me.

What will you choose?


Teddy T